The Sculptural Works of J.Massey Rhind

This collection of sculptures by J.Massey Rhind celebrates the significance of the artist in the history of early 20th century Ohio. John Massey Rhind was born in Edinburgh, Scotland of 1858.

After studying art as well as opening a small studio with his brother in Glasgow, Rhind left for the United States in 1889. Rhind soon formed a connection with The Butler Institute of American Art through his friendship with founder Joseph Green Butler, Jr.

Mr.Butler first met Rhind during the construction of the Public Library of Youngstown in 1907. Rhind was the sculptor of an Andrew Carnegie sculpture. Soon after meeting, Rhind sculpted the 'Indian Scout' for The Butler Institute of American Art, as well as 'Apollo' and 'Minerva'. The friendship and partnership was further solidified during the construction of the McKinley Birthplace Memorial (1911-1917) for which Rhind created the centerpiece statue of William McKinley and the surrounding pieces in the Court of Honor.

(Information found in corresponding letters between Rhind and Mr.Butler. Letters gathered via The Butler Institute of American Art and emailed to OOSI researcher D.Green)