Summer Exhibitions

On A Pedestal and Off The Wall,
The Fourth Annual Exhibition of Small Sculpture from the Region

This year’s juror, Gregory Amenoff, Chair of the Visual Arts Division of Columbia University’s School of the Arts, New York, selected 25 works by 20 artists from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Ontario, Canada. Artists include Brandy Agnew, Leticia R. Bajuyo, Matthew Boonstra, Susan Byrnes, Brian Caponi, Stefan Chinov, Jon N. Cotterman, Chad D. Curtis, Walter Early, Ed Hallahan, Delanie Jenkins, Taylor Maida, Eric Mirabito, Anne O’Callaghan, Joshua Parker, Julie Schenkelberg, Matt Steele, Scott Stibich, Nick Vanderpool, and Lauren Yeager.

Juror’s Commentary
Back in the shaggy ‘70s (why they seem that way to me, I can't say) a prominent critic/curator in the Boston area knocked a hole in the common curatorial habit of arbitrary catch-all titles for group shows. He was poking fun at exhibition titles like "Steelbenders: 20 Boston Sculptors" or “Italo-American Watercolor Masters" or "The Broken Surface: 12 Painters Using Impasto" (I made up two of guess the real one). So, this critic/curator went down that path, tongue-in-cheek, announcing his premier curatorial effort...."Artists Who Bowl."  That melange of artists were simply artists he liked...full stop.  What does this have to do with this particular group of artists culled from a few hundred of the Ohio area?  Everything!  I suppose I could have created a pseudo theme and spun an argument grouping selections according to that theme, but when reviewing the diverse and exciting field available I felt I would be disallowing great pieces of sculpture which defied category.  Instead, my criteria was based on characteristics that I am happy to admit are ones I hold dear in visual art.  IMAGINATION, RESONANCE, AMBIGUITY, and sometimes WIT.  Those were my (subjective) guiding stars in making this selection.  I could appropriate the aforementioned title, "Artists who Bowl," but it’s a downer.  I like "Artists Who Shine."  Shining is good.  And by the way, yeah I am a lifelong painter, but I promise you that looking at sculpture was a relief and a great pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity.

Gregory Amenoff  
May 2008

About the juror, Gregory Amenoff
Gregory Amenoff is Chair of the Visual Arts Division of Columbia University’s School of the Arts, New York, a member of the Board of Directors and the Foundation Curator Governor of The CUE Art Foundation, which provides New York City studio space for emerging artists, and past president of the National Academy. He is represented by the Alexandre Gallery of New York.  Previous jurors have been Richard Hunt (2005), Viktor Schrenkengost (2006), and Don Harvey (2007).

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