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        is a teaching and networking resource and promotional platform that serves as a catalyst for collaborations between arts institutions within a short day's drive of Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA.

Founded in 2010, by four regional institutions (the Cleveland Institute of Art, Edinboro University of PA, the Erie Art Museum, and The Sculpture Center) the mission of SculptureX is three-fold: to bring awareness to the work of college art faculty of the region; to share scarce resources; and to increase student interest and parent awareness of art programs in this region.

Through this partnership, The Sculpture Center has and will continue to serve as a venue for exhibitions of professors and students across the region. In conjunction with the Erie Art Museum, The Sculpture Center has exhibited work of six professors in the region in its exhibition SculptureX: 6 Sculptors of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Guest curated by David Carrier PhD, SculptureX: 6 Sculptors of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania highlights a curated selection of exceptional sculptors and installation artists teaching at the universities and colleges of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

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Fall 2011, will hold a second symposium, The State of the MFA, at The Cleveland Institute of Art on October 15. Following on the success of the first symposium held in 2010 on The State of Sculpture, which was attended by 145 students, faculty, and artists of Ohio and western Pennsylvania, The State of the MFA will feature keynote speaker Ann Hamilton of Ohio State University. For more information on The State of the MFA and to preregister, click here.

In conjunction with The State of the MFA, After The Pedestal for 2011 is exhibiting only the work of graduate students and recent MFA graduates in Ohio, contiguous states (Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and West Virginia), and Ontario, Canada.

Through the partnership with, The Sculpture Center facilitates the educational opportunities for sculptors and exhibition opportunities for early career sculptors and installation artists in the region of Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

SculptureX Symposium #3: The State of Expanded Media

Photo courtesy of Downie Photography
This event has been sponsored by The Cleveland Museum of Art for the past twenty-five years. Music and art combined as both national and international guests join Greater Cleveland artists and community groups to create spectacular costumes, puppets, masks, and colorful floats. The Parade takes place around Circle Village, which hosts activities, entertainment, and food, all of which is presented by University Circle Inc.

This is the third year that MOCA Cleveland and The Sculpture Center have collaborated by sharing a tent for Parade the Circle. Participants of all ages created their own design with yarn on hand-drawn maps on Foam Core. The maps ranged from areas as big as the state of Ohio down to Wade Oval. The activity let the participants be one of the many artists who created a web of routes on each of the maps. The project was based on exhibitions currently hosted by The Sculpture Center and MOCA Cleveland; these institutions opened their summer exhibitions, After the Pedestal and Tony Lewis: weight, power, pressure, free movement, nomenclature in the days leading up to Parade the Circle.

This project was headed by The Sculpture Center's Curtorial Intern, Valerie Clark, who acted as parade coordinator. She was assisted by a group of dedicated volunteers: James Barker, Emily Rake, Rebecca Friedberg, Alyson Stock, Natalia Sikombe, Ashley Hendrickson, Hien Tran Nguyen, Dante Foley, and Grace...

FiveOne Experimental Orchestra, "a borderless force of sound," is a Cleveland-based group of sixteen composers and performers with a 'no-boundaries' approach to music. Their vision is to create a diverse stream of fresh, new-perspective musical works and to bring an intriguing meld of genres, styles, and artistic disciplines to usual and unusual spaces. Toward that end, they often position players around or within the audience, blend art music with rock, digital sounds, or world music, and collaborate with other artists to produce innovative multimedia performances.

The heart of FiveOne's mission is to challenge both traditional and non-traditional concert-goers to participate with open mind, eyes, ears, and hearts in a truly unique musical experience.  Their audiences are as diverse as their music; yet, their music speaks to each listener on a personal level. FiveOne is about using the arts to communicate, to foster community, and to create cosmos in a world of chaos.

The Sculpture Center and FiveOne share a mission to facilitate cultural awareness and community enrichment through artistic means.  As a not-for-profit arts institution The Sculpture Center seeks to support burgeoning artists who push the boundaries of "sculpture;" FiveOne strives to usher traditional orchestral music out of the conventional concert halls and into the vernacular and to assist and promote early career musicians.

Both organizations depart from the traditional relationship of artist and audience, in which the audience passively observes, as the artist remains aloof and removed.  FiveOne performs amid the artwork itself, seamlessly bridging the visual and the aural.  Our W2S (Window to Sculpture Emerging Artist series) artists also have the opportunity to have FiveOne compose and perform original music for their exhibitions.  By composing pieces in tandem with the sculptures / installations at The Sculpture Center, these musicians provide a sensory dichotomy and a more immersive, and therefore heightened, experience for our audience.

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Ground Water: Out of Sight/Site Out of Mind

Qian Li: No Matter How Hard I Yell

Yasuhisa Kohyama: The Cleveland Ceramics of Yasuhisa Kohyama

Elissa Cox: With a Twitch and a Grimace

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The Sculpture Center is a not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to the advancement of the careers of emerging Ohio sculptors and the preservation of Ohio outdoor sculpture as a means to provide support for artists and to effect the enrichment, education, enjoyment, and visual enhancement of the Cleveland community and greater region.

The Sculpture Center receives generous support from The Callahan Foundation, the Kulas Foundation, The John P. Murphy Foundation, the Bernice and David E. Davis Art Foundation, The George Gund Foundation, studioTECHNE|architects, the Leonard Krieger Fund of The Cleveland Foundation, Sculpture Center board members, and many individual donors to Friends of The Sculpture Center. Additional generous public funding comes from the citizens of Cuyahoga County and the state of Ohio through:

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