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May 13 - 17 Frieze Art Fair New York
See Przemyslaw Jasielski's new work at the Frieze Art Fair New York in Le Guern Gallery from Warsaw. Stop by the Focus section, Stand A3, and say hello to Przemo if you'll be at the fair.
Przemo was a 2013 Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion artist-in-residence at The Sculpture Center. He returned to Cleveland last fall to be part of Machined Senses for which he made Minotaur, an interactive, emotional sculpture. Emotions Control Unit, on view at Frieze, is the next iteration of this concept.
More about Emotions Control Unit

Przemyslaw Jasielski
Emotions Control Unit

The project is the latest continuation of the Control Units series of works. It is trying to negotiate nostalgia for the simple machine designed to resemble early radio receivers with typically human emotions. Based on the custom built wooden enclosure, equipped with distance and touch sensors and the microphone it uses, an especially created program reacts to behavior of the viewers in the gallery, showing its emotions on sets of meters. Viewers can switch on and off sets of sensors responsible for three dimensional seeing, touch, and hearing, changing the machine's behavior and fine tuning the particular "emotions".

The project is a simulation of the basic emotion model. This model holds that words such as "anger", "sadness", "fear" etc. describe a unique mechanism, which is triggered by discrete mental states, leading to unique, measurable outcomes. In this view exists a limited number of biologically determined basic emotional processes, which considering specific form, function and a cause, are different from mental processes like cognition or perception.

What is interesting is that, despite its superficial simplicity, the work causes extremely emotional reactions, it's treated as if it would have free will and subjectively experience emotions itself or as if it would act intentionally. The viewers accept with no hesitation the reality of electronically created emotions. Most of the viewers are convinced that the object presents specific reactions to each of them. Using technology while simulating phenomena remaining beyond our current technical possibilities was sufficient to present one of the most basic contemporary paradoxes - treating creations of human technology in a personalized way.

Le Guern Gallery
Frieze Art Fair New York
May 14-17, 2015


Sat May 16 @ 11 AM - 4 PM in the Sculpture Center's Euclid Avenue Gallery
Meet Mkrtich Tonoyan, the Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion artist-in-residence at The Sculpture Center, to discuss a residency at ACOSS in Yerevan, Armenia. You can have an in depth discussion with Mkrtich and show him your portfolio online. The residency is open to artists of all kinds and researchers. The length of the residency can be tailored to your needs. Light refreshments.

Tuesday, May 19 @ 7:30 to 10 PM, ArtCraft Building, 2550 Superior Avenue Building
6 Interventions, an exhibition of the work of the 6 Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion artists-in-residency paired with Cleveland artists. Join us.

On view through May 28

Thursday, March 26
5:30 - 8:00 PM Opening of Derek Coté: Freezer Burn and John Douglas Powers: Revenant
6:15 PM The Artist Talks: John Douglas Powers in the Euclid Avenue Gallery
7:00 PM The Artist Talks: Derek Coté in the Main Gallery

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