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Read here about the little known yet impressive Cleveland Art Scene.

Cleveland's Best Art Galleries: Ten Cultural Venues in America's Comeback City

Read the article at The Culture Trip>>

Missed the opening? Click on the link to catch a glimpse of the performance from one of our current W2S artists, David Colagiovanni.

Przemyslaw Jasielski, Analog Immigration (2013), interactive installation with "customs agents" and "customs forms," room of copper mesh, stainless steel, oscilloscope, wooden desk and chair, dimensions variable. Shown in partnership with The Galleries at Cleveland State University. Image courtesy of the artist.
See the creation of ANALOG IMMIGRATION by Creative Fusion artist-in-residence Przemyslaw Jasielski and students of CSU Professor Irina Koukhanova ON YOUTUBE.

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday 12 noon to 4 pm or by prior appointment (Free Parking, Handicapped accessible)