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Cleveland Sun, a Citywide Installation by
the New Weather Group

Cleveland Sun, A Citywide New Weather Group Installation, 2007
conceptual aerial plan of reflected light
images courtesy of the New Weather Group
Cleveland Sun, A Citywide New Weather Group Installation, 2007
Cleveland Browns Stadium
images courtesy of the New Weather Group

Friday, September 7 – Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cleveland Sun
Recently, a strange phenomenon infiltrated the city of Cleveland. It was initially dismissed as a random occurrence, but it soon became evident that this observation was no accident. A viral growth of light reflectors permeated the city’s fabric. These reflectors appeared at seemingly haphazard locations, but as the number of reflectors multiplied, it became obvious that a delicate crystalline structure was spreading like a root system through the urban framework. As if rising out of a primeval tar pit, paths of light began to emerge. Following light from one reflector to another, they directed their energy to one central point near where the train tracks close by Lakeview Cemetery.

On September 1, 2007, a select group of people received a strange envelope labeled “Cleveland Sun.” Contained inside the package was a small reflector. Printed on the reflector were an explanation, an invitation, and instruction – “Install on exterior.”

On September 7, 2007, the mystery was revealed with the opening of the exhibition Cleveland Sun by the New Weather Group at The Sculpture Center.

The art installation in the gallery at The Sculpture Center conceptually and literally draws on the energy of the entire city of Cleveland. The selected medium of the exhibition is light. The art piece gather sand accumulates light from throughout the city and directs it toward the gallery space. The skylight in the galley is the actual funneling point for all the reflected lights. The final climax is revealed with the galley acting as a massive light collector.

1. 1001 reflectors will be installed on roof tops throughout Cleveland up until the opening on September 7th.

2. The front page of several Plain Dealer newspapers will be “revised” with information about the exhibition and dropped throughout the city.

3. Reflectors will be placed on the roof and across the street from The Sculpture Center to collect light patterns on the facade, in the gallery, and in the small sculpture garden.

Cleveland Sun focuses on the sun as a vital force for global survival. The intention is to focus on the large scale consequences of global warming and climactic changes, but it was equally important to hone in on our local environment. As the “bread basket” of the United States, the Midwest is a region that relies heavily upon weather. With all of its industrial development, Ohio still uses the majority of its land for farming. The difference between a good and a bad harvest severely affects this region; its primary force is the sun.

The New Weather Group
The New Weather Group is an international art collective that translate natural phenomena into art installations. The group explores the forces acting to create weather in various scales and mediums. The New Weather Group act as a catalyst that transforms, accentuates, and controls these phenomena and generate site specific installations. The group operates as a democratic entity.

Members in alphabetical order:
Thomas Damgaard
Locations: Copenhagen, Berlin

Rahul Saggar
Locations: New York, Cleveland, New Delhi

Masayuki Sono
Locations: New York, Kobe

Martin Stigsgaard
Locations: New York, Copenhagen

For more information on the New Weather Group, see their website.

This exhibition is made possible through the generosity of Studio Techne Architects and The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland.


For more information call 216.229.6527 or go to info@sculpturecenter.org.  

The Sculpture Center is a not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to the advancement of the careers of emerging Ohio sculptors and the preservation of Ohio outdoor sculpture as a means to provide support for artists and to effect the enrichment, education, enjoyment, and visual enhancement of the Cleveland community and greater region.

The Sculpture Center is supported by an anonymous donor, individual donors to Friends of The Sculpture Center, Studio Techne Architects, and the Bernice and David E. Davis Art Foundation, the John P. Murphy Foundation, the Kulas Foundation, The George Gund Foundation, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, and the Ohio Arts Council. 

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