Late Fall Exhibition 2007 

Brent Green, Carlin, 2006, stop motion film (still), 7 ½ min. Image courtesy of Bellwether Gallery, New York. 

Brent Green, a Pennsylvanian with deep West Virginia ties, makes startling and disquieting films that are singular, eccentric, delicate, anarchic, humorous, and strangely life-affirming even as they chronicle narratives of autobiographical, fictional, and historical woes. These hand made, stop motion animated movies, accompanied by soundtracks of Green’s own fervent, poetical narration and frenetic music, touch upon profound life struggles, philosophy, American history, medicine, literature, and other related oddities. The films convert the Southern tradition of story telling, often of peculiar personal tales, into a highly original art form. 

The earlier films, as Hadacol Christmas (2005), jerkily progress through their tales with acrylic painted plastic cels roughly layered over other drawings (tape attachments, sequential numbering, and all), an occasional dental X-ray, and drawings on manila paper animated with tiny cotton balls of falling snow. Paulina Hollers (2006), jumps between these cels of hand drawn figures, animals, and birds in Hell, frames of scrawled messages, and small sets composed of real, miniature props. His latest films, Carlin (2006) and Louisville/Gravity (2007), portray full sized props in real settings interspersed with shots of medical drawings and children’s book illustrations and the crucial scrawled messages. In Carlin, a shapeless, crumpled lump of a woman with a tragically distorted face and raffia hair whirls through an abandoned farm house in a wheel chair, accompanied by taxidermic chickens and a mysterious, intricately carved wooden man with hinged body parts. In Louisville/Gravity live birds fly up in a room sparsely furnished with real props of a full sized crib, a Victrola on a stand, and a chair, all fully carved with excessive curlicues and flourishes.

As described in the artist’s own words, the films screened at The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio, include: 

Louisville/Gravity, 2007

A 6-minute segment of Brent's current in-progress film, a short story about having pneumonia as a child and building something wonderful with your hands as an adult. 

Brent Green, Walt Whitman’s Brain, 2007, stop-motion film (still), 5 min. Image courtesy of Bellwether Gallery, New York. 

Walt Whitman’s Brain, 2007

Stop-motion film
5 minutes
Walt Whitman lived to be pretty old - 73 or 78 - he was completely lucid right up until the end, but his body was rotting around him - he smelled like a corpse for a couple of years before he died. It was pretty awful and amazing. Some scientists wanted to study his brain after he died to try and figure that crap out. This is the story of Walt's brain.

Carlin, 2006

Stop-motion film
7 ½ minutes
My Aunt Carlin moved in with us when I was a kid - she had diabetes and really wanted to die. Carlin was shot stop-motion, with life-sized wooden characters and stuffed chickens, in the farmhouse where I grew up. 

Paulina Hollers, 2006

Hand-drawn and wood-carved animated film
13 minutes
The story of a religious zealot mother who commits suicide to find her dead son and help him escape from hell.

Abe Lincoln, 2006

Hand-drawn animated film
2 minutes
Abraham Lincoln was mighty.  A short portrait of him with the ghosts of his family around him and the weight of the Civil War dead twisting and swirling in his head.

Hadacol Christmas, 2005

Hand-drawn animated film
12 minutes
Santa Claus invents Christmas with a belly full of cough syrup and a head full of dying crows. 

The exhibition is accompanied by the sale of a limited edition woodblock print, Virginia Woolf (2007), generously donated by Brent Green to benefit The Sculpture Center’s exhibition and education programming. The creation of this print was made possible through the support and guidance of the Creative Capital Foundation. Green spent a week at Zygote Press, Cleveland, Ohio, as an artist in residence, learning wood block and silk screen print making techniques. Contact The Sculpture Center ( for full sales information.

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Green (born Baltimore, MD, 1981) is a self-taught animator, artist, and musician who lives in Cressona, Pennsylvania. He is the recipient of 2 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship grants and a Creative Capital Foundation grant. Green is represented by Bellwether Gallery, New York. Green performs with his own band and with the Southern singer and song writer Vic Chestnutt, the post-rock Chicago based Califone, and the North Carolina based Sin Ropas. 

Green’s films have startled audiences and critics across America and in Europe. Hadacol Christmas was included in the exhibition Animations, the Hammer Projects, the UCLA Hammer Museum (2006), and Paulina Hollers premiered at the Getty Center (2006). His films have been screened twice at the Sundance Film Festival (2006, 2007) and, some with live performances by Green and his band, at the Wexner Art Center (2006), the Andy Warhol Museum (2007), the Walker Art Center (2007), and such film festivals as Rotterdam International Film Festival, The Netherlands (2006), BAM Next Wave Festival (2007), and the Virginia Film Festival (2007). Green was commissioned by the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art to create a film for the series 50,000 Beds (2007). Green’s January 2007 solo exhibition at Bellwether Gallery is reviewed in Art in America (Sept. 2007). Green was selected as Editor’s Choice for BOMB (Spring 2007), Critic’s Pick in ARTnews (Dec 2006), and 1 of 25 Faces to Watch in Independent Films in Filmmaker: The Magazine of Independent Film (Summer 2005). 


Liz Cohen (b. 1973), a graduate of the California College for the Arts, San Francisco (MFA, 2004) is a Phoenix, Arizona, performance artist currently completing Bodywork, a project begun in 2004 to convert a Trabant, the East German very poor man’s Volkswagen, into a Chevrolet El Camino low rider muscle car (complete with a special hydraulic system to stretch and shrink, raise and lower the body) and to transform herself into a sexy low rider model. See and for a full description, images, and video of Cohen’s project. The automobile, still under conversion, was exhibited at the Fargfabriken Museum in Stockholm (2007), where the artist and her mechanic also had a residency. Cohen is represented by Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris, France. 

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